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    Blind Veterans UK take part in successful Artwave Exhibition

    The Blind Veterans UK Brighton Centre took part in the Artwave Festival for the first time, and it was brilliant!

    We had over 200 visitors to see the exhibition of work produced by our Blind Veterans, both in the Workshop and independently at home. We also raised a fantastic amount of money which will go to supporting our members continue to produce works of art and craft.

    It was brilliant to see all of the hard work come together, congratulations to both all of the members and staff involved.


    Here are just a few comments left about the exhibition:

    ‘I am lost for words it is so good’

    ‘I am impressed and humbled by what I have seen…and I had to buy something to remind me…’

    ‘Absolutely fascinating on so many levels, very nicely presented and so enlightening, many thanks’

    ‘Truly inspiring – a real treat!’


    Donation by Kent Woodworkers Club

    Colin Searle of the Kent Woodworkers Club recently visited the Brighton Centre to deliver a cheque for £300.

    Colin had organised an open day at Axminster Power tools shop in Kent on 28th July. Axminster kindly donated the venue for free and members of the club and the public made donations throughout the event.

    Colin is well known to our Art & Craft department; he recently donated various tools to help our members with picture framing in the workshop.

    Our picture shows Colin handing the cheque over to Mandy Markwick (Wills & Trusts) with Leigh Gibbins (Art & Craft Instructor) who liaised with Colin for the event.

    Blind Veterans’ art displayed in the Artwave Festival

     Come and be amazed by the fantastic imagination and creativity of blind artists at Blind Veterans UK centre in Brighton!  We have an art & craft workshop where blind veterans produce a diverse range of exciting items, and we are taking part in the Artwave Festival to show off their wonderful talents!

    The Exhibition is being held at our centre:

    Greenways, Brighton BN2 7BS

    From:   11am – 5pm

    On:      25/26/27 Aug, 1/2 & 8/9 September






    As seen in local press:



    Fuzzy Felt

    After experimenting with felt, these vessels were made with the help of a holiday maker and work experience student. 





    Big Draw

    The Physical Line

    Sight and touch are traditionally the two senses that contribute to the formation of our sense of space and our experience of form.

    However, our project concentrates of working with blind, visually impaired together with sighted people our BIG DRAW project will be focused on the action of making, and the role of the sense of touch – using a bodily experience to construct images and experiences.

    The idea is that this will form an understanding and enjoyment in creating an image / drawing in a variety of media in a range of designated spaces.

    We aim to encourage everyone that comes across these spaces to interact with these physical drawing experiences – to have a go and get involved, to leave their mark.

    Portrait of a Dame

    Derek O’Rourke who has a rare condition known as Angeoid Streaks which impairs vision in both eyes, crossed paths with Dame Judi Dench at the King Edward VII Hospital in London. After returning to Scotland, Derek wrote to Judi and asked her if he could paint her portrait. Judi replied and provided Derek with a photo to use as the portrait’s subject.

    To read more on this story, click here: http://www.royalblind.org/warblinded/255/news/369/A-Frame-for-a-Dame!.html

    Art and Craft wall

    The Coridoor that leads alongside the wonderful swimming pool at the Brighton Centre, is used to display works produced by Members of Blind Veterans UK in the Art & Craft Workshop.We have introduced a ‘work in progress’ wall, which allows people to get an idea of what we are working on at the moment and gives a few clues of what might be to come….


    Each of the works are tactile and we encourage anyone walking past to touch the display and interact with what is being shown. 


































    Copper mines in North Wales

    This wonderful image was taken by Barrie, one of our Members, who attended the Photography week in Sheffield last year. Since getting to grips with ‘blind photography’ Barrie has taken been all over the country taking some marvellous photographs.

    This stunning photograph was taken of the copper mines in North Wales.
    Barrie has continued to build on the skills learnt, and just look at the brilliant results!
    We look forward to seeing a lot more from you…