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    Norman’s aim is true as he celebrates Ovingdean anniversary

    A 93-year old blind archer has hit bulls-eye in his bid to help Blind Veterans UK’s Ovingdean centre celebrate its 75th anniversary.

    Blind Veterans UK member Norman Perry set his sights on scoring 75 points in a single archery round to celebrate the anniversary. Norman even managed to exceed his target, shooting 79 points at a distance of 60 yards.

    Norman’s loosing of arrows was part of ongoing celebrations of the Ovingdean centre’s anniversary, where members and staff were asked to complete challenges themed around the number 75.

    Some of the other challenges have included walking or cycling 75 miles and knitting a flag to commemorate the anniversary.

    Norman refused to let either his age or his blindness stop him from pursuing his love of archery – he originally set up a local archery club in his own back garden.

    Norman Perry Archery 067

    As an older archer, Norman is in great company; in 1904, Galen Carter Spencer became one of the oldest ever Olympic gold medalists as part of the winning side in the team archery competition. The win happened on his 64th birthday.

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